How to make money making travel vlogs

Posted by Justin Wastnage on Aug 7, 2019 1:56:09 PM

Video storytelling 10 seconds at a time

Vloggi is a very simple video capture app that allows anyone with an iPhone* to easily capture moments of their travel.
Think of each Vloggi as an entry into a video diary. One entry for little things, many for big.

Vlogger making money making a Vloggi at beach


Each Vloggi is 10 seconds long and can comprise up to five separate shots. A caption added by the user is automatically overlaid, in addition to the location details.

These 10-second vignettes are easy to make on-the-go and upload as you travel. The videos can then be combined and branded by organisations and companies for re-use as themed short films in their marketing.

And when they do, you get paid.  Check out the vlogger royalty rates. 

Vloggi projects allow people to work together on collaborative video blogs.


*Android coming late 2018


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