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Posted by Justin Wastnage on Aug 7, 2019 1:50:30 PM

When you launch the Vloggi app and sign in for the first time, you'll be welcomed by a tutorial walkthrough to help you create your first Vloggi.

If you skipped it, you can always find it in the settings or download our PDF guide, 'How to make great travel video blogs with Vloggi'.

Step 1. Download Vloggi from the Apple App Store. 
Search for “Vloggi”. It should be the one with the big red button icon.
Step 2. Create an account and allow location services. Because Vloggi automatically adds place names and business locations to your vlog.
Step 3. Point and shoot. Rotate the phone to open the Vloggi camera. Find an interesting place to film and press the red button to capture a few seconds.
Step 4. Tap to record, tap to pause. All Vloggis are 10 seconds long, but can include up to 5 shots. Press the red button to start and press it again to pause.

Step 5. Add a caption. Videos tell the story better than images, but a few words help to complete the storytelling. Tell the audience what makes a place unique.

Then, pick the ones you like and merge them into a playlist.

Step 6. Create a project. To create a project, go to and click the 'Projects' tab.

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