Creating captivating captions for (silent) viewing

Posted by Justin Wastnage on Jul 31, 2019 3:18:58 PM
Over 78% of videos on social media are watched with the sound turned off. Here's how to grab people's attention by using good old-fashioned words to paint a picture.

Turn your video into a vlog by adding words

Each 10-second Vloggi is a story. The video shows viewers your visual experience and adding a caption gives your video a voice.

Here are three tips to shape your voice for the caption:

  1. Identify the persona. Who are you speaking to? A friend, a customer? What are their interests? Ask yourself questions to identify your audience.
  2. Find your tone. Jot down a few adjectives that describe your vlogger brand to find the right tone. “Bold,” “curious,” and “authoritative” might make sense for a travel brand, for example.
  3. Strive to keep things light. Use humour where appropriate and show personality.

What type of audience are our August Vloggers after? Take a look at the Vloggis we've picked below. Beach-loving resort goers? Thrill-seeking globetrotters? Senior Day-trippers? Exclusive explorers?  You choose.

Fiji fire lights

Click to watch and read about the magical fire dancers at the Six Senses Resort Fiji

by Louise Brown

Old Glory - now a sad story

Click to watch and read about the deserted Grand Aley Hotel in southern Lebanon

by Ben W

Scenic winter Kiama

Click to watch and read about the stunning sunny scenery of southern beaches in NSW 

by Marie Barbieri


The Amirandes Grecotel Exclusive Resort The Amirandes Grecotel Exclusive Resort


Heraklion mirror

Click to peek and read about the dining reflection at Amirandes Grecotel Exclusive Resort in Greece

by mariat

Captioning a Vloggi is as easy as writing a social media post, once you're done filming.

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