Vlogger tips - How long should a video story be for social media?

Posted by Justin Wastnage on Jul 31, 2019 3:14:35 PM

Because Vloggi is a modular video production platform, where users add together multiple 10-second clips to make unique video stories, we get asked a lot how long the perfect video blog should be for social media.

How many Vloggis make a good playlist?

The key to the Vloggi method of video production is to assemble playlists, rather than edit together videos. So each 10-second Vloggi is a building block of a longer video project.

In the build-up to the World Cup final, some of our vloggers were in France and Croatia. The four-Vloggi (40 second) playlist "A perfect day in Paris" which featured the Louis Vuitton Foundation among others or the two-Vloggi (20 second) playlist  "Split the difference" featuring panoramas from Split in Croatia. You chose.

A perfect day in Paris

Click to watch the 40-seconds playlist from the French capital.

by Ben W

Split the difference

Click to watch the 20-second playlist from the Dalmatian Coast in Croatia.

by DoranP

Explore the Vloggi library

Easily create your playlists in the app, or watch others' work for inspiration as you travel.

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