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Vlogger tips - Keep it steady, or the art of a good panning shot in a video blog

Posted by Justin Wastnage on Jul 31, 2019 3:11:33 PM


Keep it steady, earn more

Maximise your vlogging potential by keeping it still

Because Vloggis are designed to capture great locations, the temptation to pan the camera around is ever-present. But there are ways of ensuring a steady shot by using the movement around you movement — this way your chances of earning licence fees from your Vloggis increase dramatically.

The Vloggi camera uses special image stabilisation software to ensure as smooth a ride for the viewer as possible. But our technology can't work miracles, so here are some tips.



Steady pan

If you have a steady hand, a slow pan around can work well.

by Kamilla Sager in Poland







Upward tilt

If the action flies over your head, then use a slow upward tilt to follow.

by Ben W in Paris








Pan up

Follow motion where it exists, like this Vloggi following a scenic cruise.

by Fadwa in Amsterdam








Slow revolve

To capture a landscape or cityscape, try a really slow revolving shot

by Satu R-S in Sydney









Combo shot

Combine an establishing shot with a slow pan to situate viewers.

by Ben W in Lebanon


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