Crowdsource video from your benefactors

Posted by Justin Wastnage on Jul 31, 2019 2:13:11 PM

Crowdsourced video is perfect for non-profits

Vloggi is the easiest way to combine multiple remote video contributions into unique stories

Get benefactors to tell your story

User-generated content is trusted seven times more than branded content. Vloggi allows anyone with a smartphone* to deliver short video reviews. For charities, industry associations and other not-for-profits, this turns on an almost endless supply of filmmakers from your communities.


Build your video library

The non-profit sector needs around four million videos clips over the next three years. Vloggi enables you to quickly and easily fill your video library.


Reward content creators

All content created using Vloggi can be licensed for resale, with at least 50% of all royalties we receive going straight back to content creators, allowing you to reward your ambassadors, visitors or staff if they create content for you.

Why use Vloggi for charity video storytelling


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