How to make a video playlist in Vloggi

Posted by Satu Raunola-Spencer on Jul 31, 2019 12:30:01 PM


Vloggi is automated video production. Never edit video again!

Anyone can quickly make a mash-up video story using their own or others' video content. Use our drag-and-drop Playlist Builder to create videos in seconds and stitch 10-second Voggis to a longer playlist.
The world's first drag-and-drop video assembler, the Playlist Builder from Vloggi


This is how to do it:

STEP 1 Go to
STEP 2 Choose a Vloggi you would like to use to start a playlist.
STEP 3 Drag your Vloggi to Playlist Builder on the top.
STEP 4 Name your playlist and press create playlists and press ok.
STEP 5 Drag and drop more Vloggis to your playlist and press done in between.

When you have all Vloggis on the list press publish playlist.

You will receive an email in minutes when the playlist is ready.

STEP 7 Voila! Your playlist is ready to be shared/published.



Happy Vlogging!


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