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Save time by in-sourcing video production 

Things have changed in business. These tough times call for more authentic videos produced by real people telling real stories. The innovative Vloggi platform allows you to create branded video content at scale using your customers, colleagues or community members as footage contributors. You then merge the best into video stories.  

Key benefits:

  • Our upload tool is the simplest way to source video clips from your customers
  • Our video templates can be customised with your logo and call-to-action
  • Run Vloggi collaborations as contests, with an easy to edit prize field


What is Vloggi?

Vloggi is an all-in-one crowdsourcing and video assembly platform. It allows you to create upload links for your community. Our project management tool allows you to  select the best contributions and create professional video compilations without the need for any editing tool. 


Templated video

Our dynamic video templates save you time and expense by putting video production on your desktop. Our templates are automated to create popular business video content such as:

  • Customer testimonials
  • Video product reviews
  • Before, during and after videos
  • Step-by-step guides 
Salon Selfie Oxana
Roof resealing weatherill
Kettle bell review
Pumpkin quiche

Customer-generated videos

Vloggi is perfect for creating authentic customer videos

If you are looking to create video content that resonates with your customers, there is no better way than to use your customers as videographers. All they have to do is upload their clips, then Vloggi's quick, easy and affordable platform pulls the best together into templated video stories perfect for social media?

How it works is as simple as JUMP:

  1. Join your community together with a compelling filming brief 
  2. Upload video clips from multiple users from multiple devices in multiple locations
  3. Merge together the best contributions into your pre-set video template
  4. Publish the final video on your social media channels to increase engagement


Our system eliminates editing through dynamic production. Simply merge the best clips.

Some examples:

  • Video directories
  • Video listicles
  • Video diaries


Create your own branded video template once, complete with logo, then re-use forever 

Some examples:

  • Ongoing web TV series
  • YouTube channel episodes
  • Website demo videos


Get authentic captions provided by your customers in the form of micro vlog reviews 

Some examples:

  • Product reviews
  • Highlights reels
  • Explainer videos

"An amazing time-saving tool for video at scale"

- Craig Sequiera, travel blogger -