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Filmmaking tips for the Vloggi app - making vlogging easy

Posted by Satu Raunola-Spencer on Dec 5, 2019 10:07:46 AM

Vloggis are self-contained 10-second video blogs

Vloggis are microvlogs. Up to five shots are edited together in the app into one 10-second clip. All the content is licensed to share or download. Vloggis are perfect for social media; the captions are overlaid for silent viewing. Every Vloggi shows its location and place name. 

Create a project and invite your community - customers, colleagues, fans - to contribute. They can use the Vloggi app or upload existing video to the Vloggi website to allow you easily and quickly create short films leveraging user-generated content to help promote your business, brand or destination.

  • Perfect for social media
  • Caption overlaid for silent viewing
  • Location and place name shown on all videos
  • Combine multiple clips into longer video stories
Here are 3 easy "Cs" how to film a perfect Vloggi



Frame a video as you would a photo. No need to pan around. 

Like here by Karsten Horne:




What makes a video blog is a brief description. Tell us what is going on in the video.

What is this place/feature/event/attraction and why people should visit? What is special about this place and why would you like to share this experience? Here's a good example in this Vloggi by Marie Barbieri:




And here's a nice description by Peter Baiona:



Bring the clip to life by capturing some movement in the frame. For example, shoot from an escalator or travelator or film a moving object, as in these examples by jaywast:




Give it a try! You can always delete any clips you don't like. 

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