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How to create your first team in the Vloggi collaborative video production platform

Posted by Satu Raunola-Spencer on Oct 22, 2019 11:05:22 AM


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Vloggi is a community video production platform that allows anyone to launch a collaborative video project.

Once you've created a project, you can ask your community, customers, fans, advocates, staff or friends to contribute content - to join your team. Each project has a unique URL, allowing you to share the project easily among your fanbase. But first you need to create a team. 

Your team can consist of fellow vloggers, customers, staff, advocates, media or anyone in your database who you would like to invite to contribute to your project. The benefit of the Vloggi platform is that it allows contributions from different locations 24/7. You can just watch and follow as your video library grows each day!



Here's how to create a team

Go to the Vloggi homepage and click the Start here button at the top. Then, under Step 1, click teams to create a team page.

how to start a team

First, give your team a name. It could be associated with your social group or your company, or it could be based on an event, campaign or listicle you are creating.

Choose if you want your team to be By invitation-only or open to all vloggers. Selecting Open to all vloggers means anyone on the Vloggi platform can contribute to your project.

If your project is private, only people you invite will be able to contribute to your project and only you and your contributors will see the project library. Please note that all Vloggi clips from your contributors will be visible in the public Vloggi library even though your project is private, however they will not be identifiable to other users as being part of your project.


Who should be on your team?

You have a few options on who and how you can invite members to join your team.

1. When you click Add team members, you can invite people by searching the list of existing Vloggi users and simply adding them if they are already registered. This can include people you know, like staff, customers or other stakeholders, or people whose Vloggis you like.

2. You can also invite members from your community or database by email via the Vloggi platform. Simply enter their first name and email address and we will send them an invitation to register and join your team. You can add as many members as you like. You will see the profiles of those contributors who have joined on your project page.

3. If you have a larger database you can copy the unique URL link from your project page and send it our by email or share it on social media.

4. You can also find contributors who could be relevant for your project through the Vloggi platform by clicking Explore in the menu bar on the home page and then:

  • Using keywords to search for a place, theme, business, location, etc; or
  • Tag search. With tag search click Use basic (above the red banner on the right) and it takes you to a filtered screen where you can see the most popular tags and search more tags

You can also add team members through your profile page. Go to your profile and choose the relevant team from the profile panel on the left. On the right, you'll see a red banner - +Add team members.

Create an engaging project for your team and watch your video library grows by the day!



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