How to crowdsource a video blog marketing campaign

Posted by Justin Wastnage on Aug 7, 2019 1:59:30 PM

Vloggi is collaborative filmmaking. Anyone can launch a collaborative video project. 

Get entries from your community, customers, fans, advocates, staff or friends. Each project has its unique URL, allowing you to share the project among your fanbase.

imageedit__5611928366-850x638Here easy steps how to source video content from your fans

Post a Vloggi project and then share your unique URL link to your fans to activate them


You can add prizes to your project to incentivise your fanbase to contribute 10-second micro-vlogs or more extended playlists

Leave it up to the crowds to interpret your brief or set specific pointers

You can also add paid assignments for shots or locations that you need to include

See how your project video library grows and pick those video clips that you would like to use for your project

Then use our drag-and-drop video assembly tool to combine the best into video stories

The Vloggi system allows you to download and use content as soon as it’s contributed

You can create easily your own template with your theme and brand with Vloggi Designer before publishing the content


  • Vloggi allows you to combine hundreds of locations and contributors simultaneously
  • Create branded video stories in seconds using our smart cloud-based video maker
  • License only the video content you need, the format you need, when you need it

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