How to use video bloggers for your online publication

Posted by Justin Wastnage on Jul 31, 2019 12:25:50 PM

Add video to your travel publication

Create video listicles to illustrate travel articles online

Use your writers or crowdsource freelance vloggers


Vloggis are building blocks


Remix to tell your story

Vloggis can be combined into playlists

Group by location, theme or business

Our system automatically edits playlists together


Create video listicles

Illustrate your articles with themed video playlists


All content has the location displayed inside the video


Native audio

No music track to licence, just native audio


Our system eliminates editing through dynamic production


Our videos are all overlaid automatically with your captions

License Vloggi content

Vloggis are editorial content covered under a fair use share license for personal use.

For publications wanting to license the content for use on their sites, we have a range of options that give your certainty, while also rewarding the content creator.

Most publications can license our content using an Open category of licence. Read more about Vloggi licensing terms here.

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