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Making vlogging easy - writing a good project brief

Posted by Satu Raunola-Spencer on Nov 8, 2019 1:27:39 PM

A good project brief is critical to getting vloggers to deliver the content you need 

You can now create specific projects within the Vloggi platform and share with your fans or customers. Our Projects feature allows you to set a mini brief and invite your advocates to contribute video content that you can use to create social media videos for your brand.

Each project has its own URL for you to share. Activate them with fun promotions or competitions and then license only the best content.


How to make an engaging project brief and turn your audience into an army of videographers


Step 1

  • Create an engaging and easy to understand name for your project. Make sure the name reflects the task, i.e. “The Best coffee shops in Bondi”. You could also use questions like “Are these the best pubs in London?” to challenge your team or use adjectives to bring an emotion such as  “Sensational Singapore” or “Delicious Vienna for Cake Lovers ”.

Step 2

  • After you have included the location (optional) for your project, fill in a project brief. Give a short description of what you want to achieve in this project and include any branding and other details for guidelines. You can be as specific or generic as you want. Include special requirements and filming tips to give more guidance and help ensure you get the type of content you're after.


You can add prizes to your project to incentivise your fanbase to contribute 10-second micro-vlogs or longer playlists. That way you giive something back to your loyal fanbase, in return for mobilising an army of video creators. Set up a local incentive campaign with prizes or giveaways to get your customers to use the Vloggi app to create video testimonials. Then reward the best by licensing the content, and paying them back for their time.

Here are some samples of a good brief.

Example 1

Sensational Singapore

We're looking for a wide variety of video clips from Singapore. We want some of the sights, the attractions, the food, and the hotels. The best ones will be made into short destination films for use by a client. License fees will be paid to all content creators whose work we use.

Special Requirements:

Captions in English for this project, please.

Filming Tips:

Try to capture the steam coming off the delicious food you video. Also, use motion to convey a sense of space and activity.

Check it out here: Sensational Singapore

Example 2

Awesome adventures in California


We will make the best ones into episodes of our new series “The Best Of…”


We are looking for the best things to do, see and visit in the great state of California. Go to the zoo, cross the bridge. Basically, have an awesome time in California.


31 Jan 2020

Special Requirements:

Drive along the Pacific Highway.

Filming Tips:

Avoid filming kids' faces.

Check it out here: Awesome adventures in California

Example 3

Hotel W Brisbane

Prize: The best 60-second Vloggi Playlist will win weekend accommodation (Fri-Sun) for 2 including breakfast at W Brisbane 


For an upcoming series of hotel video reviews called "The Turndown", we are looking for a wide range of shots of the newly opened W Brisbane Hotel. We would like you to show us your guest experience including the lobby, room/suite, pool terrace, gym, restaurants and dining, amenities, entertainment choices and other things you could possibly do during your stay.


31 December 2019

Filming Tips:

Shoot in landscape - Preferably shoot three shots per Vloggi. Include anything you see that attracts your attention. Follow motion where it exists.

Special requirements:

Film only daytime.

Social media tags  #wbrisbaneaus #hotel #brisbane #cbd 

Max quantity. 500

Incentive: The winner of the best 60-second Vloggi playlist will get 2 nights accommodation with breakfast during Fri-Mon for 2 people.

Project Code: WBRI01

Visibility: private 


Leave it up to the crowds to interpret your brief or set specific pointers. You can also add paid assignments for "must-have" shots or locations. 

See how your project video library grows and pick those video clips that you would like to use for your project.


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