New default theme "Mashup" for the New Year

Posted by Justin Wastnage on Jul 31, 2019 12:34:29 PM

New Instagram-friendly theme for the New Year

Creating video mashups has never been simpler thanks to the Vloggi system. But to celebrate the New Year, we have revamped our default theme.

From today, the default theme loaded into the Vloggi app is a sleeker, more contemporary design. The new design, called Mashup, also features centred text fields, making it suitable for use on Instagram when sharing natively from the Vloggi app. Downloaded files still upload in the 16:9 ration, but for the 1:1 ratio required by native shares, the new theme displays all text fields perfectly.

"Most Vloggi users create their customised video template using our Designer tool. But we had feedback that the default theme loaded into the app was looking a little dated," said Vloggi founder Justin Wastnage.

"While we retired the old theme, it will still be available for its fans to use. It is now renamed "classic" and available as an option in the Playlist builder," said Wastnage.

The new Mashup theme is the first of many templates that will be preloaded into the app for bloggers to use while reading video blogs. More complex templates will be available via the browser-based Vloggi Designer tool.

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