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If content is king, then user-generated video is emperor.

Real people telling real stories about your destination

As visitors start to explore their own country again, authentic video made by the people who know a place best will be in high demand. Vloggi's video crowdsourcing and video compilation platform allows you to quickly and easily activate your superfans to make video stories that you can use in your marketing.

Key benefits:

  • Crowdsourced video is a cost-effective way to reach key verticals
  • Vloggi is the easiest way to build your video content library
  • Easy collaboration tools allows multi-location filming in one day


What is Vloggi?

Vloggi is an all-in-one crowdsourcing and video assembly platform. It allows you to create upload links for your community, manage video projects and output finished videos in seconds thanks to our templated video tools. 

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Templated video

Our dynamic video templates save you time and expense by putting video production on your desktop. Our templates are automated to create popular destination marketing content such as:

  • Video listicles
  • Video diaries
  • Video reviews
  • Video guides
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Versatile video assembly

Vloggi is perfect for capturing real visitors' experiences

Things have changed since these videos were captured. But if you are looking to showcase your attraction, destination or venue, then Vloggi's quick, easy and affordable platform could shortcut your hunt for fresh video content. Who better to tell your story than your existing visitors?

How it works, as simple as JUMP:

  1. Join your community together with a compelling project brief 
  2. Upload video clips from multiple users from multiple devices in multiple locations
  3. Merge together the best contributions into your pre-set video template
  4. Publish the final video on your social media channels to increase engagement


Target behavioural traveller niches and activate passionate communities

Some examples:

  • Local neighbourhood guides
  • Special interest groups
  • Inbound travel groups


All content is geolocated, meaning venue, place and location are all available

Some examples:

  • Location listicle
  • Destination directory videos
  • Attraction review videos


Get authentic captions provided by your customers in the form of micro vlog reviews 

Some examples:

  • Guest-eye hotel reviews
  • Delegate event highlights
  • Dining venue reviews

"An amazing time-saving tool for video at scale"

- Craig Sequiera, travel blogger -